Towards a Perfect World with you and me


BBB is an organization specializing in Agarwood (Gaharu) plantation, tropical fruits cultivation, estate management and premium value-enhancement consultation. An organization accredited in producing award winning products and creates values to all. The group is endeavoring in expanding, diversifying and continuing to introduce products and by-products that are creative and are of premium quality to our valued customers.

To date, we have achieved a milestone of 3 Agarwood (Gaharu) plantations spanning 100acres of cultivation land across two states in Peninsula Malaysia with 100,000 Agarwood(Gaharu) trees, and continue to explore opportunity with our business associates and landowners in expanding our cultivation land; working towards making Malaysia a significant contributor in Agarwood (Gaharu)cultivation, plantation and industry.Towards a Perfect World with you and me.

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A Gem in the Rough

The value of the incense is extraordinary. Every part of its tree is beneficial to humans. It has been regarded as a treasure since ancient times.

Reputed to be nature’s alchemy taking form, Agarwood has been lauded since the dawn of time as a gem in the rough; for religious affair, fragrance and medical treatment.

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Business partners

We believe in working with our valued investors, business partners, customers and team members to create a new dimension through creativity, invention, value-adding, innovation and teamwork.

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